You Should Really See a Doctor

Dr Pixie McKenna and Dr Phil Kiernan take their pop-up clinic to events across the country for their medical series You Should Really See A Doctor. As well as the usual presentations of lumps, bumps and fungal toe infections, the doctors try to find diagnoses for a range of strange and unusal symptoms – from mysterious but persistent mouth ulcers to severe pelvic girdle pain to burning sensations in feet.

The doctors also find time to give breast check lessons to the attendees of the Blue Jean Country Queen Festival; testicular cancer checks to the boy racers at a Classic Car Show in Limerick: urine tests to check dehydration to a gnarly gang of vikings at the Waterford Country Fair and sound advice to music loving teenagers at the Irish Maritime Festival in Drogheda. The medics also offer reports on different areas of health – from cutting edge research around gut health and its relationship to mental health to different treatments for menopause to the dangers of buying prescription drugs online.

RTÉ One, 6 x 30′ series (three seasons), 2015 – 2017

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