Our Story

A woman in full make up from the TV programme "Glow Up" as a representation of indiepics's innovation and experience.

Our story is simple. Way back in 1979 we started life as Agtel, making tape and slide audiovisual education productions for farmers – to be “narrowcast” at cattle marts around the country. We were way ahead of ourselves of course – these productions were like a pre-historic take on targeted social media content (something we continue to do in a far more modern way through the Agency side of our business). And then somehow, we went from the cattle marts of Ireland to one of the country’s busiest producers of factual and factual entertainment television.

We still go to cattle marts though. Agri content is part of our DNA and we wear it proudly. Ear To The Ground has been airing for 31 years (and counting). We are immensely proud of it and long may she keep ploughing great stories and cultivating new generations of audiences. But that’s just part of our narrative now. Over the years we have made big, noisy factual entertainment TV – Rip Off Republic; epic documentaries – Keeping Ireland Alive, The Health Service In A Day; intimate documentaries – My Broken Brain; fact ent formats – Glow Up Ireland; light-hearted shows that are always more heart than light – ICA Bootcamp; big live event pieces – 50 Years To The Moon And Back; right-out-there-on-the-very-edge factual television – Feud; sports documentaries – Tommy Bowe’s Bodycheck… and much, much more. More recently we have made innovative history series – Beyond The Bullets, Real Life In The War Years; big Science – Hospital Live and Big Week On The Farm; consumer series – How To Be Good With Money and The Complaints Bureau.

Three presenters from Ear to the Ground, a TV production by indiepics, displaying some of the work that has helped shape our story.

Platforms and technologies will ever evolve but pictures and sounds and words remain at the heart of storytelling. And storytelling is how we encourage people to engage and care and act. We’re very good at it because we believe in an authentic, creative, truthful, intelligent approach to our work – Content Worth Making.