Hospital Live

Hospital Live is a celebration of the staff and medical innovators on the frontline of Irish medicine. The series goes behind the headlines of a system that’s been under incredible pressure through the pandemic – but that remains a system we all rely upon. It features the people who, despite huge problems and frustrations, save lives and perform miracles – big and small – every day.Over 3 nights presenters Anna Daly and Philip Boucher Hayes bring you beyond what you think you know about hospitals to leap into the amazing world of future medicine. The series tells very human stories of quiet courage and dignity in the face of ill health, and the hope that science can bring some good news. The series is broadcast live from a major hospital – the Mater in Series 2, and St James’s in Series 1.

RTÉ One, 3 x 60’ (2 series), 2022 and 2023

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