V Day

V Day documents the biggest vaccine campaign ever recorded in history; the beginning of the end of one of the most devastating chapters in modern humanity. While it will take some time to vaccinate the entire nation, a huge number of lives are transformed in the first number of months.  This film tells some of those stories while also charting the many, many challenges of the rollout. The film begins in late February as the rollout to the over 85s gets underway. We follow our senior citizens as they prepare to receive the very precious injection that will allow them to live their lives as they once used to. Many consider the last year to be a precious year of their remaining life wasted. They have spent the last year locked in their homes, some too terrified to go anywhere or to meet anyone. The vaccination means the simple everyday things – going into their local shop, visiting the hairdresser – will once again be possible. But its physical contact they crave the most, being in the presence of previously estranged loved ones. This physical presence is most manifest in Liam’s story, as the vaccine allows him to visit his wife in her nursing home for the first time in many months, a moment of immeasurable joy.

RTÉ One, 1 x 60’ documentary, 2021

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