Then Comes Marriage?

Every year in Ireland over 20,000 couples get married. The wedding is usually planned in great and minute detail. Few though put the same effort into planning the marriage itself. In this series couples planning or pondering a life long commitment to each other road-test their relationship at a retreat in Carlow’s grand Lisnavagh House. Over 2 days their relationship will be poked, prodded and dissected by Psychotherapist Dr Ray O Neill and Psychologist Allison Keating. Communication skills, sex and intimacy, attitudes to money and conflict management are all put under the microscope. By the end of the retreat the couples should feel better prepared for a life long commitment to each other – though some might feel less certain. For all there will be bumps along the way as they are challenged to really look hard at all aspects of their relationship.

RTÉ Two, 6 x 60’, 2017

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