Ireland On Call

Brilliantly fronted by Katie Hannon and Brendan Courtney, this series was among the first productions to be made in the pandemic. Akin to many of our colleagues across the industry, lockdown number one saw planned series hit the dust … just unproduceable in a global pandemic. In March 2020 we were very fortunate to be in the right place at the right time with the right idea. Made with our good friends at Scratch Films the series was designed to provide up to date, reliable and trusted information and advice – about public health guidelines, about the virus itself, about staying safe and healthy, about money (hundreds and thousands of people were facing a new financial reality) …. any area really where the virus was having a societal effect. We also filmed on the front lines – getting privileged access to hospitals, and also told the story of the pandemic from the point of view of firefighters, guards, retail workers, postmen and women … all those who continued to provide a public service. Broadcast live twice weekly from the Department of Health, the series sought to reflect a sense of solidarity and community at a critical time. Even as people were dying, that sense of community was really uplifting.

RTÉ ONE, 13 x 30’ live series, 2020

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